Managing Skype for Business Call Forwarding, Delegates/Team Members & Presence for Other Users With Colima Remeo & Landis SEFAUtil Server


Date Duration
Thursday, November 30, 2017 07:00 AM 60 minutes


In this webinar we will introduce Colima's new client app, Remeo, which allows any authorized user to easily change the Skype for Business Presence status, Personal Note and the Call Forwarding Settings of a colleague without being a formal admin. 

Remeo is Powered By Landis Technologies' SEFAUtil Server, a Trusted Application Server to enable managing other user’s forwarding, delegates/team Members, contact list, & presence efficiently with PowerShell or applications such as Colima Remeo.



Matthias  Engelmann

Matthias Engelmann is CEO of Colima, who has successfully created several applications to improve the experience of users using Skype for Business Server.

Wendell Martin is director of Sales & Manager at Landis Technologies. Landis Technologies has Skype for Business customers in over 40 countries  who use their IT Pro Tools like SEFAUtil Server and client apps like Attendant Pro & Call Recording Pro.